Can Cannabis Weed Cure Corona Virus?

Can cannabis weed cure corona virus, In these times of coronavirus, one big question is on cannabis users’ minds: “Can cannabis cure or prevent the coronavirus… or could it make it worse?”

Researchers can’t legally just jump in a lab and start testing cannabinoids versus the coronavirus specifically. But we know cannabis has medical properties that might harm or help someone trying to avoid, or battling, SARS-CoV-2.

Only the end of federal prohibition can unlock cannabis’ multiple roles against this nasty new infectious disease, and others.

Can Weed Prevent or Cure the Coronavirus?

Strictly speaking, we don’t have much evidence suggesting that cannabis. Can prevent a coronavirus infection. can cannabis weed cure corona virus.

In fact, smoking cannabis may make people more susceptible to infection. Dr. Donald Tashkin, a UCLA professor who has extensively studied cannabis’ effects on the lungs. Previously found evidence that cannabis smoking temporarily increases the symptoms of bronchitis such as inflammation in the lungs, coughing, and phlegm production. While these effects were much less serious than those found for tobacco. Tashkin told the Los Angeles Times in April that “smoking anything increases risk.”

All the doctors we spoke with agreed that avoiding smoking is a good idea right now. “In general, I would suggest much less smoking,” advises Dr. Frank Lucido, a GP and cannabis clinician. “Since COVID-19 deaths are respiratory deaths, it’s best to avoid even cannabis smoke in this case.”

Cannabinoids vs coronavirus comorbidities

On the other hand, cannabis has a known ability to reduce certain comorbidities of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus can be complicate by conditions like diabetes and obesity, and cannabis is associate with a reduced incidence of both.

Cannabis can also help patients reduce use of alcoholtobacco, and other drugs which can complicate coronavirus. But again, experts caution that this doesn’t mean if you go out and start smoking cannabis today. You will have a better chance of surviving coronavirus.

“I’m one of the people that believes that cannabis can help people be healthier,” explains Dr. Grinspoon. “But that’s a little bit of a circuitous argument for saying that cannabis is helpful in coronavirus.”

Calming an immune system ‘cytokine storm’

While we don’t have evidence that cannabis can cure the coronavirus. Cannabis does have some disease-prevention qualities that show potential for helping rather than harming the progression of coronavirus.

Top amongst these is its ability to bring down inflammation. Researchers studying the coronavirus tell us that a big piece in the deadly cases of later-stage COVID-19 is an overactive immune response call a cytokine storm. These storms cause so much inflammation they damage the host’s own body and lead to death.

Researchers are looking at a class of drugs called IL-6 cytokine inhibitors. Although the drugs currently on the market can have severe side effects. Interestingly, both CBD and THC have shown to be able to inhibit IL-6. Suggesting that they might be able to help bring down these dangerous cytokine storms.

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