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Strawberry Banana is a flavor you’d usually see for yogurt, smoothies, or snow cones, not a strain I expected to find while browsing The Apothecarium’s menu.

I’m usually enticed by sweet and fruity marijuana, and this was no exception.

Strawberry Banana is a hybrid cross between Strawberry Cough and Banana Kush, and although I had tried Strawberry Cough before and found it so sharp and harsh I couldn’t smoke it, the sales associate assured me that the smoke was much smoother and tolerable than its lineage may suggest.

Potency:  23% THC, 1%> CBD

Appearance:  The big, dense, bright green leaves were entirely frosted and covered with copious amount of trichomes. I practically drooled when I saw the buds.

Smell:  As if the appearance wasn’t enticing enough, the aroma was exactly what you would expect: a faint smell of strawberry banana smoothie overpowered the typical potent cannabis resin smell.

Taste:  The taste was a deliciously sweet blend of sharp strawberry and soothing banana.

Medical application:  I would recommend Strawberry Banana to help relieve stress, depression, anxiety, and in some cases even insomnia.

Effect: The overall effect is complete euphoria.

Overall Impression: Definitely one of the best strains I’ve had in a long time — the perfect strain to end my tolerance break.

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