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Blue Moon Rocks

Blue Moon Rocks

(8 customer reviews)


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Blue Moon Rocks by BOG Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Blue Moon and BOG Bubble. It has a sweet blueberry lavender aroma and calming full-body effects.


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8 reviews for Blue Moon Rocks

  1. Brendon

    Moonrocks hit hard and even. it’s a great relaxant and it definitely brings on the giggles. I love this one for creativity, too.

  2. Meadow Hanson

    This hybrid has an entirely indica based high, making you feel like passing out in seconds. It will make you feel like your on another planet, a planet with more gravitational pull making you feel heavy. The flavor is a sweet skunk taste with a little aftertaste hint of berry.

  3. Mariyah

    This was the first strain I had to buy more of. It is so great for calming my anxiety. It also helped with PMS cramps and allowed me to relax on the couch.

  4. Perez

    Strongest shit I ever tatse

  5. P. Cameron

    Helps me with my anxiety and depression

  6. Karissa

    Finally got to try this, and it lives up to its reputation. My experience is a very strong muscle relaxant that gives that “jacuzzi suit” feeling. Smells great. May not be a day strain; but as long as I have coffee it’s near perfect in every way. If you come across it, try it!

  7. Richard

    Very smooth, easy to smoke – not super “coughy” Did experience paranoia, but it was easily ignorable and went away after twenty minutes or so.

  8. Brett

    Super chill body high, a bit of a swimming feeling in the head

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