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Budder: A gooey wax form that has more moisture and is runnier than other concentrates. It is created by whipping the extract while purging it. The whipping effect adds air to the extract, which turns it into a solid upon cooling.

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Blue Dream wax gives the best aroma ever. Blue Dream wax. Buy Blue Dream Wax Now at good giveaway price There’s a pleasing sweet berry aroma which increases when the wax is broken apart and leaves one drooling. Blue Dream is a strain perfect for those who prefer low-temperature dabs as the blueberry and haze origins of the strain combine to create a mouthwatering taste which could be mistaken for a sweet fruit.

Lab Tested Result For Blue Dream Wax:

THC: 81%
CBD: 2.30%

Wax is an opaque, solid substance that is produced via a similar process as shatter. In appearance, wax looks buttery, and it does not have the same translucent appearance as shatter. Different wax consistencies are created using varying oil textures and different moisture and heat levels. Variations of wax include the following:

Budder is the smoothest and creamiest of the waxes. Buy Blue Dream Wax Today

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