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Stardawg is a strain which has become very popular in the UK over the past 12-18 months. This has led to it being regarded almost as “The new cheese” by some folks who struggle to get hold of other strains. Regardless of its over-circulation, the stardawg strain

This year in particular has seen several distinct phenotypes of Stardawg to come down from the North of England, one of which is Purple Stardawg. This Igrade stardawg phenotype has distinct colouration.

Other varieties of Stardawg recently popularised by igrade in the self-proclaimed “Year of the Dawg” include Chocodawg, GuavaDawg and DawgWalker OG, all of which take the stardawg genetics in their own direction but all generally bring power, smell, taste and plenty of trichomes.

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